5 Things To Consider Before Deciding To Create Your Own Blog

five things to consider before deciding to create your own blog

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Are you thinking of creating your own blog or website?

It’s really one great idea of you thinking of having a personal blog. Most of the people who have easy access to the internet world will surely think of creating one. Wherever you are and whatever you do, regardless of your age, gender or race, you can create and own a website. In fact, if you search online, the number of blogs and websites that is “on the air” now you might gasp and be surprised that it’s like a living community out there on cyberspace – thousands or even millions –  owns a space there.

Blogging is still on its youth days, it just started around ’90s and flourishing its life today, but we can expect more from it as time goes by, and as technology will permit us too. It gives us a new platform and our “own space” online. Many people are tempting on the idea of having a blog (like me hehe..) because it is very accessible and in demand.

But first what does “blog” mean?

According to Google the word blog has two meanings, these are:

1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

1. add new material to or regularly update a blog.

And the term ‘blog’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘weblog’, where we can see the meaning from the original word – that you, logging your thoughts on the internet and using it as your diary.

There are many different reasons why a person blogs. These are:

1. for jotting down his activities, tasks, or memorable events, whether its personal or work-related

2. to share his expertise or knowledge to a particular field

3. to express his feelings and voice his concerns

4. to make a living or extra income

People blog because it is their own way to voice their views about a particular topic or to show their writing skills. Others take a plunge to this trend for them to earn extra income by monetizing their blogs. But most people do blogging to share their passion and aspirations in their chosen life.

A person could have single or various reasons why he blogs. Whatever motivating factor a person may have, he is entitled to it. No one can question you why do you want to blog.


As I said in the previous article this blogging idea is running in my head two years ago, but I cannot act upon it because of my own mommy oath – I want to focus first on my two kids. I can multitask and add blogging to my schedule but I decided to brush off the idea since I want to give my whole time for my baby and my toddler. Two years have passed since I gave birth to my youngest, I am now more adjusted to mommy duties and somehow I am getting used to it that I decided to create my own blog ‘for me to have an outlet and have someone to talk to’ since I am a stay at home mom and no one is there for me to chat with but my kids. There are many challenges and hardships for choosing this SAHM vocation that no one knows but us who are literally there in that situation.

So before I unintentionally misdirecting my topic here I now have a two-month-old blog! Congratulations to me! In this very short period of time, I learned a lot of things about blogging and I realized some things about it.

And how about you? Would you like to try it? Actually, you can and that is one great idea but I want you to consider first these five things before you take the plunge too. This will help you decide if you will go for it or not.


1. You Need To Allot Time For Your Blog

It’s very easy to create a blog, actually, within an hour you can build your site. A domain, SSL certificate and a reliable web hosting service are the basic things you need to create a functional blog and make it live. Some web host providers have 3 in 1 package and cheapest plans to make it easy for those who really want to have a blog site.

But after the initial set up and everything, you still need to keep working it. It’s like putting up a business, you already finish registering the business name and legalizing it, after that you need to give your time for your business to operate.

first to consider before making a blog is your time
Time is of essence in creating a blog

It’s basically the same as you have a blog. You need to give your time in building its contents. And you will not complete it in a blink of an eye. You need to spend more time in creating articles, making your own graphics for your articles, optimizing the parts of your blog to make it SEO-friendly and make your blog more inviting to the eyes of your audience. You can do all of these if you can allot time for it “consistently”. Can you? You can only answer that.

The term consistency is also a relative word. It means if you can allot time to write three articles per week and you can keep up with it then you are consistent. You don’t have to set goals that you can’t keep because you do not have time for it. I myself are having a difficult time for keeping my one-published-article-per-week goal since I have to priority first my kids and the house chores.

Based on your own situation and lifestyle assess now how many hours you can spend for your blog. Remember that you will be adding your blog to your routine now.

2. You Need To Spend Money For It

This is a no secret, check the net now and browse famous blogs and websites where you will see in their appearance and performance that they really cost some cash. If you really want your blog to shine or be unique then you need to spend for it.

True there are free websites there like WordPress or Blogspot but you cannot say that it’s really your own blog since its free, right? And there are corresponding guidelines and limitations there that you should follow or else. You have no full control on your blog if you will use these kinds of free platforms thus limiting your blog’s potential and power.

Don’t fret my friend because although you need to spend on having a blog you don’t need to use all of your savings just to have a decent one. In fact, you could have a marvelous one for just a couple of dollars if you will search for the lowest and cheapest packages online! (I know a great find and it’s 90% OFF right now until April 1, 2019, so grab it here if you want =).)

second thing to consider if you want to create blog is money
You need to shell out money for your blog

Planning means you’re anticipating the near and far future life of your blog so having a reliable but cheapest web hosting provider is the best factor that you should consider now. My web host provider, Hostinger, gives the best-unlimited power for your blog at its cheapest rate, since they make long term hosting plans for you. The longer subscription period you get, the lower the price you have. For me, I chose a four-year subscription because it’s the best value offer that other hosting provider cannot give but Hostinger, and since I know my blog will stay here for that long period of time I am confident to avail it! And truly a very cost-effective decision on my part – it’s less than a dollar per month!

Spending on your blog in a wise way means you want to start right and bright. You are preparing your blog on the right track, my friend! Don’t be afraid to lose some cash for it, think of it as your investment placed in the right venture – your own site.

3. You Need To Put Enough Effort For Your Blog

We can classify effort as same as the time you give for your blog, but I chose to give it it’s own spot here since I want to reiterate its importance and show the differences between the two.

third thing to consider if you want to create a blog is effort
Your blog needs your effort

Yes, you give time for your blog, but do you use it efficiently? Do you use your ‘blog time’ wisely? Do you give your best to work it out? It’s very easy to lose track of time clicking on every article you see about the ins and outs of blogging. Reading will help you a lot but you need to choose what you read by typing the right keywords in the Google browser. And applying it in your actions is another one.

You have to give, if not all, but enough effort for your blog to grow. Its life depends on YOU. Treat it like your own child. It will not succeed on its own because it needs you. Nourish it and pamper it. You are its parent. You have the responsibility on your blog that no one has.

So for me having a blog is a serious thing that one should not overlook since he will just waste its great opportunity to send a message and touch other people’s lives if one is not determined to make it work.

4. You Need Some Writing Skills

I think this is an easy one. If you are determined enough then you can learn how to write a good article if you are not confident enough about your writing skills.

If your hobby is writing diaries or stories since child then you this blogging will be easy for you since you will just share your thoughts here! And blogging itself can sharpen your vocabulary and written communication! So don’t worry too much, you can do it!

fourth thing to consider if you want to creating a blog is writing skills
With just enough writing skills you are good to go

5. You Need To Be Consistent

I already say the word consistent in the first factor, in time. But there are more things that you should be doing consistently to make your blog a successful one, at least in your own terms of doing things.

Consistency means doing the same action over time to achieve a certain goal. It’s like having a set of pattern to make a beautiful dress. Same also to your blog.

If you want your blog to be known by Google, you need consistency in publishing valuable contents.

If you want to have more readers, be consistent in posting good and helpful articles.

If you want to have your blog be SEO-friendly, you need to consistently optimize it.

If you want your blog to reach more audience and have good traffic, you need to be consistent in promoting it to different social media platforms. Yes, you will also act as a marketing guy for your blog.

If you want to monetize your blog, you need to consistently enter affiliate marketing programs or put advertisements on your page. You can also publish your own e-books or printables if you want. Or create your own product to sell.

If you want to create a community and influence others then you need to consistently try to interact with the public and make a lasting relationship with them.

It’s not easy as you can see it but if you like it then you can make it. Consistency in everything that you will do for your blog would take it somewhere else and would achieve your goal for your blog.

fifth thing to consider if you want to create blog is consistency
If this is your passion, then you can consistently blog

These are the things that I want you to consider first because I want you to have the right perspective for having a blog from the start. The secret here is you should have a passion for what you’re doing and everything else will put on its right place, perfectly.

Did I help you? What are your thoughts about this? Share it in the comments and let’s talk about it. =)

26 thoughts on “5 Things To Consider Before Deciding To Create Your Own Blog

  1. These are really good things to consider. I knew starting a blog would be a lot of work but really underestimated who much time I would need to invest. LuckilyI white enjoy it so I don’t mind – but I have had to learn some new time management skills haha

    1. Thank you suzy, it’s when you love what you’re doing then hard parts will just passed by. Creating your own blog is one of it, we just have to make it work as time goes by.

    1. Thank you very much marie-celine, I’m glad you see it as helpful to those who are thinking to create their own blog.

    1. hehe, you should it’s a family matter as you may say it. Something to discuss first since creating a blog and blogging itself will take some of your time from them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

    1. Yes I’m still struggling on how to keep it balance with my mommy tasks. I thought it will be easy but its not, you need to invest a lot of time creating your content. And after publishing it the feeling is fleeting, like you’ve done something great and you’re satisfied. I hope I could keep it and have my own routine that will benefit me and my readers. Thank you for your comment!

  2. We have a lot in common. I am a SAHM too and I just started blogging about a month ago hardcore. My 16 month makes it challenging lol. But I enjoy it. It’s so fulfilling.
    I think that I’ve learned there is a huge community out here I was unaware of to support writers and bloggers which has been neat.
    And I agree with you on costs. It’s kind been interesting. I also bought a few things like grammarly and subscriptions to services like Amazon Unlimited to have book access for the blog. It’s fun though. I hope your enjoy it too! Great post. 🖤

    1. Thank you W.D. it really gives us an outlet to speak our minds since we have no other company inside our house but our kids, right? We need this to exercise our mind somehow and to have another level of fulfillment, I didnt just really realize that its very tedious on our part because after you completed the article you will still have to create images for that, and promote it to social media.. i thought at first after you made an article it will be find its way to readers but its not the case.. you need to show it to them. Anyway i hope i can make my own ways to make it more easy for me. Lets follow each other then, thank you!

    1. Thank you Jamie, I simply want to share what i learned from my two months old blogging. I think others should know the real score of it so they can weigh if they are up for it.

  3. Great relatable points! Being consistent is the hardest part based on my own experience. Specifically, being consistent with publishing and having the same quality of content is a weekly challenge.

    1. Yeah I hope we could keep it up and have our blog grow with our efforts and available time. Anyway there’s always a chance for us to be better, what’s important is we did’nt quit. Thank you Yechen!

  4. Amazing points you’ve made, especially about consistency. A lot of people want overnight success but that comes with being passionate and dedicated too. Thanks for this post x

    1. Welcome Lydia and thank you also for your feedback. Having a blog is a great responsibility that one should know and be aware of. But when love what you do then nothing is hard anymore!

    1. Thank you! And now we have to deal with it right? We have the obligation now to nurture it. So I will just put it in its right place and prioritize the things that matters us most.

  5. These are really good points. Consistency is definitely key. Especially when it comes to getting traffic and affiliate marketing. Promotion takes up as much time if not more time than writing content. The time is a huge factor as well. I had no idea how much time it would take. I work on my blog every night and try to promote throughout the day. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yeah at first we thought its just easy and you can handle it smoothly, but after just two months i realized that its not.. but here i am now and i cant go back.. i plan to just do it on my own pace. Theres a time for everything and you cant put so much time for your blog only. You have a family and other important things to do.

    1. Thank you Mhai, though its really tempting to create your own blog most of us did not even think the workload it could give.

  6. You make some great points. Many people make the mistake of thinking blogging is easy and you’ll make money off it right away – they overlook all the effort, hard work and dedication that they require.

    1. yes you are right there, though blogging sounds very enticing to many people, its not easy at all. you have to give your time for it. I only realized this after three months of blogging. I can’t bring back time so I think I will still maintain my site and published helpful articles for my niche without any pressure to post everyday. Will just use this platform to express myself as a stay at home mom and will not bother if it will bring extra income or not. I think the right motivation is important also for you to continue blogging. For me its not to create income out of it, but to help others and touch lives in ways that you could only do. If you get income from it then its just a bonus. Thank you for your comment and for this conversation =)

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